Parmelee WebWorks originally started in 1992 as Parmelee Consulting after layoff for Dan from a large computer company. Most efforts during the "early years" revolved around computer application programming. Later, new work directions included networking, servers, hardware, and web design -- particularly web-based transactional processing.

One application designed as a validation & verification tool used against the operating system of a blood analyzer was written for Abbott Laboratories. A database driven contact / order manager was written for the call center of a Christian marketing organization serving churches and the Christian community nationwide.  That application has been converted to a web-based environment so that callers are able to work from their homes rather than commuting. The expense of office space has been eliminated, and callers use a business telephone number at home through VoIP.

Another strain of service for Parmelee WebWorks has included video production. Digital video media, higher power computers, and cheaper capable software have made this avenue convenient and popular. Projects have included both stills and video content, as well as various audio track creations for certain situations. The purposes of these productions have mainly included DVDs or streaming files for:

  • advertising
  • organization awareness
  • content for attenders at functions
  • historical media for birthday and anniversary events
  • streaming content for web sites


Sherry has been employed as a computer application developer for over 26 years. A recent decision has led her to leave the office environment and join Dan in taking this consulting work in a new direction. This has been the motivation to change our business name to Parmelee WebWorks. Sherry has developed and maintained many desktop and server-based database applications over the years.  With the popularity of the web and the transactional environment that has developed there, she has had new opportunity to develop appealing presentations and applications for this evolving medium.

So much technology has changed, even since 1992. New operating systems, new hardware, new programming languages, new access speeds, an internet standards, and a world of information at your fingertips. This experience and selected items from this vast set of available tools are the "stuff" that Parmelee WebWorks seeks to use to enhance the lives of those who cross our path.

If our knowledge and experience happens to intersect with your needs, and you are interested in services we may provide for you, please contact us to see if there is a match!