Helping You Bring Your World to the Web

  • Parmelee WebWorks provides web design capability for not-for-profit organizations, churches, and certain types of local and home businesses. We work with our clients to provide the most appropriate capabilities for their needs.

    • Robust CMS Web Framework
    • Classic & Contemporary Templates
    • Domain Registration Available
    • VPS Hosting Environment
    • Support Services Available
    • Domain-based Email Available
    • Easy Access to Blogging or Content
    • Embedded Media Available
    • eCommerce Available
    • Web Firewall Installed
    • Regular Off-site Backup
    • Google Analytics Tracking

    Find more detail about web design features.

  • Parmelee WebWorks provides media preparation and media integration capability for not-for-profit organizations, churches, and certain types of local and home businesses. We work with our clients to determine if the project fits our available time, equipment, and experience.

    • Videos for Church Event Promotion
    • Audio & Video Editing
    • Sermon Content Posting to Cloud
    • Video & Audio Integration to Web
    • Edited Recordings of School Groups
    • Edit & Assemble Event Clips
    • Videos Created from Stills
    • Digital Extraction from Old Media
    • CD & DVD Duplication
    • Limited Photography Services
    • Audio Track Creation
    • Accompaniment Track Creation

    Find samples on our video page.

  • Parmelee WebWorks provides copy editing services both on and off the web. If you are an author in need of copy editing services to prepare materials for a blog, for a publishing house, or for self-publishing (paper or electronic), then perhaps we can help you.

    • Work with Industry Manuals of Style
    • Website Proofing
    • Document Editing for Publication
    • Preparation of Copy for E-book
    • Preparation of Copy for CreateSpace
    • Client Communication by Dropbox or Google
    • Fiction, Narrative, Documentation, or Research
    • Kindle Format Preparation
    • Content Structural Suggestions If Requested
    • Archived and Interactive Progress
    • Regular Off-site Backups
    • Various Payment Structures Available

    Email for more information if you are interested in more detail about Author Services.

  • Parmelee WebWorks from time to time provides specialized web-based application services. These applications often interface with the website or provide extended stand-alone services such as camping management or call-center marketing services.

    • Ruby on Rails Framework
    • Coded for Special Requirements
    • Can Run As a Sub-Domain
    • Same Hosting Environment
    • Time and Materials Development
    • Same Domain Email Available
    • Provides Resource Management
    • Embedded Media Available
    • PayPal IPN Interface Available
    • SSL & Other Security Included
    • Regular Off-site Backups
    • Night Jobs Available

    Email about specific capabilities or requirements.

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Perhaps you are searching for some assistance in creating or expanding a web-presence. Where do you turn? What are your options? Take a look around this site for some ideas and direction, some concepts that will help formulate a pathway for a desire to make yourself or your business known.

If you don't have the staff for a web presence, we can help. If you don't know how or where to start, or even what questions to ask, we can help.

The name says it all:

  • Parmelee - that's us, Dan and Sherry
  • Web - it's a tool to reach your world
  • Works - we work for you, and your website works for you

We'll tell you more about that throughout this site. Wander and learn at your leisure.

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