From time to time we develop videos for local organizations. These may be produced from video and audio we shoot, or from video, audio, or stills provided for us to render.

On this page are some samples of such videos. Click a slider below to reveal a video player.

Hope Haitian Choir 2017 Promotional Video

This is a vibrant touring choir whose director wanted to let potential host churches see them in action, while also expressing a little of their background and their heart for ministry. Performance video clips, interviews, and still photos were provided for us, as well as separately produced audio, which we blended with the live video tracks to maximize sound quality.

Biblical Counseling Promotional Video

Our church requested a video to promote an upcoming series of biblical counseling training sessions, and suggested that we include interviews with several people who had previously participated in the program.

"Anyone But You" Trailer, 2016

To promote Coastal Christian School's annual high school play, we took video and photos of their dress rehearsal and crafted a short trailer for use on social media -- giving prospective audience members an enticing sneak peek at the upcoming performances!

"The Tapestry" Trailer, 2015

This year's theatrical production by Coastal Christian School was so well received, our church presented an encore performance by way of the video we had produced of the entire play. This trailer was created to promote that event.

"Once Upon a Genre" Trailer, 2014

Another trailer we created for Coastal Christian School's annual high school drama production, taken from footage we recorded of the two performances.

Retool Kit from Pinnacle Ministries

This is a recent video promo we shot and the resulting production for their website.

Wheaton Aston Presentation

In June 2007 the Glen Ellyn-Wheaton Chorale made a concert tour in England. One of the concert stops was in Wheaton Aston, South Staffordshire, England. Wheaton, Illinois, is the sister city to Wheaton Aston, and this is the video we produced for the Sister City Commission of Wheaton, Illinois, of that Chorale visit to Wheaton Aston. Narration by Dan Parmelee.

GEWC Spring Concert Invitation - 2011

In this Spring 2011 promotional video, Chorale members are in rehearsal for the upcoming concert. Greg Wheatley gives description and interpretation of some of the music for this season. This video was prepared for the Chorale's website.

GEWC Christmas Concert Invitation - 2009

In this Christmas 2009 promotional video, Chorale members spontaneously tell about their involvement with the group over the years, and their love for singing and the joy they wish to share at the Christmas season. This video was prepared for the Chorale's website.

GEWC Christmas Concert Invitation - 2008

Our involvement with the Glen Ellyn-Wheaton Chorale (GEWC) over the past decade has provided many opportunities to become involved in their production needs. This particular video was prepared as a website and YouTube promotion of the Christmas 2008 concert.

Orchestra Director Production May 2011

We have been hired to record, both video and audio, the performance of orchestra director Drostan Hall. This material was prepared as an archive of his directing ability of Camerata Chicago. This particular concert was given at St. Michael Church in Wheaton, Illinois. In this video sample, the orchestra plays Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Opus 67, by Ludwig van Beethovan.

Preschool Ministry Update - 2009

Many of our video productions have been made for our local church as ministry updates for our congregation through media. This presentation was prepared for the purpose of summarizing our preschool ministry for the school year ending in May, 2009.

Stewardship Focus on Worship

Several years ago our church stewardship focus, known as Joyful Generosity, used videos for congregational awareness of our church ministries. We created seven videos, each centering on one of many ministries our congregation embraces. Since we are regularly involved with the worship ministry of our church, this video on worship is one of our favorites.

Stewardship Focus on Missions

Another key ministry of our church is Missions, and reaching beyond our local community is important. Joyful Generosity, our stewardship focus of several years ago, touched all of the ministries of our church. Many from our congregation have been involved in short-term missions, and this video helped others to be aware of what their stewardship accomplished.

Thoughts on HOME

Our friend Chris Fabry wanted to post a video on his website centered around thoughts about "Home," particularly at the Christmas season. Christmas can be a tough time for many different reasons for many people. Chris sent us audio he recorded and asked us to put a video together from whatever pictures we could collect. We hope this conveys the feeling of HOME to you.

Camp Faith 2009

Summer Daycamp at our church brings a variety of activities and special events. An end-of-season video is always expected to keep our congregation informed about this special church ministry. Counselors and junior counselors provide all of the camera work as part of their camping experience. From these tapes and stills we assemble highlights of the camping season for our congregational update. A commemorative DVD of about 3 hours of camp activities is also provided for purchase at the end of the camping season.

Camp Faith 2008

See the detailed description about camp videos under Camp Faith 2009. This video summarizes the camping experience for 2008.

Camp Faith 2007

See the detailed description about camp videos under Camp Faith 2009. This video summarizes the camping experience for 2007.

D.A.R.E. Project 2010

This project came from a school in Grayslake, Illinois, wanting to produce a video along with their education in a D.A.R.E. class. A story was created around Darren, a lion who needed the support of his D.A.R.E. friends. Teachers captured video footage of students acting out the story line. This was brought to Dan to narrate and assemble the video story.