Interpretation of God's Writings

God has revealed Himself through events and teaching that has been written into forms of literature that are common to the cultures of the ages. As we have different kinds of literature in our modern world, so also the Bible reflects God's teaching through different kinds of literature from the days of its writing. Our task in understanding that literature involves the process of, not only translating the literature from its original language, but also interpreting the meaning and style of the literature from past cultures.

An allegory is a prolonged metaphor

Examples: Psalm 80:8-19; Isaiah 5:1-7 (mixed); Genesis 49:9 (brief); Ezekiel 17:1-10 (2 great eagles - mixed)

Rules for interpreting allegories

  1. Determine the scope of the allegory -- the area of truth covered.
  2. Seize the main teaching which that allegory is intended to give.
  3. Interpret all accessories in harmony with the main truth of teaching (use Isaiah 5:1-7 as an example).