WebWorks Showroom Features

A sampling of presentations available in our website design

The entire website can be monitored by a free Google Analytics account. Using Google Analytics you can monitor various aspects of your site, even down to individual page level. Which pages are the most popular? Where do visitors go next from a particular page? What size screens do visitors use while on your site? How many people come from a mobile device? What parts of the U.S. or the world are most attracted to your site? How many visitors hit one page and then leave?

These and many other trends can be studied over any selected time period. These reports can be viewed online or printed to PDF files. Graphs and charts help to visualize the results, and a percentage of response to each link and button can be overlaid on your site to provide clear and precise understanding to traffic.

We set up a Google ID on each of our sites, and all of the rest is automatically processed and available for analysis.