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Event registration and membership can be vital components of an active website for your business.  Many features on a website can be open at the "guest" level, but for some sites registration may be required. Registration or membership may apply to forums, site community involvement, access to special pages or downloads, attendance at scheduled events (paid or free), online shopping, or newsletters and mailing lists.

Some membership entries may be as simple as entering a user name and email address. Some will require authentication through email, and some scheduled event registration may require more extensive content collected such as address, phone numbers, attendance information, sessions requested, and payment processing. Registration software for payments will frequently hand off the payment and security to a reputable online payment handling organization.

This type of software will allow you to configure the fields you need for the data you want to collect for a particular event. Reporting and moderating an event can be assigned to multiple administrative members. Lists and data may also be exported for use in other software. Some membership extensions permit configuration of specific content access to specific member registrations. This may be important when working with dealers and representatives.