WebWorks Showroom Features

A sampling of presentations available in our website design

Web design software provides many ways to manage your web content. Content Management Systems (CMS) integrate nearly all available types of information into a collective whole, and provide presentation of media, text, and data as well as collect information from users, such as registrations, comments, polls, and social interaction.

We are commonly familiar with these presentation methods as galleries, newsletters, blogs, forums, event registration, syndication, calendars, and merchandise stores. Some processes can be very simple and others very complex, and each will provide the user with the specific information or service desired. These services are facilitated through menus, articles, links, and modules.

Menu tabs to the left of this article will lead to brief descriptions or perhaps examples of a few of the many capabilities available for your future website. Let your mind wander. Click and see. Think of tools you would like to use to make yourself known!